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Worried About Your Purchase?

Get A Pre-Signing Contract Review

Play it safe & have your Contract of Sale & Disclosure Documents checked by a Lawyer before going to auction or committing to a legally binding purchase. Send us your documents to get:

  • A thorough written review by a Conveyancing Lawyer;
  • Uncover red flags before they become costly mistakes;
  • Rebalance the contract in your favour with our experience;
  • Information to help decide if the property is right for you.
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What To Expect
  • As soon as we get your documents, we’ll create a Matter and assign you an experienced Solicitor (same day). We typically complete the contract review within 24 to 48 hours
  • When the contract review is complete, we’ll upload it to our online portal. You’ll be given a link – once you have paid by credit card – it will be available for your download.
  • The contract review will pinpoint risks, may give suggestions and may recommend investigation with 3rd parties (like the council or body corporate) to clarify or confirm items of concern.
  • We may include suggestions to remove/reduce risk, add new special conditions* and suggest beneficial amendments to the contract review. Our goal is to rebalance the terms to be in your favour (not the Vendors!).

We Make It Easy For You! Due Diligence Is Critical.So As Part Of Our Package, We Include A…



Simply mention offer code REAFREEGIFT to claim. You must sign up with a Think Conveyancing service to qualify for this offer.

Our Contract Reviews Go Beyond The Typical “Free” Contract Review…

Our contract reviews are performed by qualified Conveyancing SOLICITORS, and should not be compared to a contract review conducted by an Agent or “just a Conveyancer”.

A Solicitor is backed by their qualifications, certification and professional indemnity insurance. We are obligated to give the BEST advice, with dire consequences if we advise on anything that could jeopardise our clients’ interests.

We are your advocate and understand you will have competing voices – your agent, broker, friends and family – each giving you conflicting advice. It is our job to provide you with measured advice according to our strict professional ethical codes. For your protection, we may tell you what you don’t want to hear.

Lastly, we hate surprise costs as much as you, so the price for our written contract review is FIXED.

*Fair use policy applies. That means we will draft Special Conditions but cannot rewrite the whole Contract review.

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